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Kaur Tours

Our history

Let us introduce you to us, we are professional in the tourism sector and we offering various routes and trips in Catalonia, Spain. The idea of establishing Kaur Tours came from the three Kaur sisters who were really passionate towards the tourism sector. We had the initiative to create and organize tours to be able to work on what we like most, which generated motivation, satisfaction and, most importantly, brought us together as a family. We have official guides to make tours in different languages. We offer a wide variety of tours throughout Catalonia (bilingual, semi-private, private) and above all we adapt to the demand of our customers. Want a customized tour? You’ve come to the perfect place!

Manu Kaur

"I admire my work because I can enrich myself culturally and share my knowledge with other people from all over the world."

Lovleen Kaur

"We wanted the name of the company to represent us, so we came up with Kaur Tour. Kaur means princess and is given as a middle name to all Sikh women."

Sara Kaur

"I love to travel, learn and teach about the wonderful city of Barcelona and its surroundings. I would love to be your guide!".

The inspiration for the logo comes from the word Kaur (princess), hence the image of the crown. We added the infinity sign, which represents the union that will last forever.

Did you know that?

If something makes us different is that we have the only official guide of Catalonia of Indian origin, speaking Hindi and Punjabi. Therefore, we have a point in our favor that differentiates us from others in the market, as we master the Indian language and culture to perfection.

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Enjoy it from up close, the place where the sea and the mountains embrace.



It is the perfect union of sea and mountain where you can enjoy the wonders that each of these landscapes offers.



Visit the most emblematic historical monuments and buildings found within the Catalan region.



Discover the Mediterranean diet and all the variety of flavors and customs typical of the city.



Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and has much to offer visitors.